Flood Prevention And Mitigation

What Do We Do?


Our experienced team of surveyors carry out a flood risk assessments for your property, to advise on flood mitigation.


Each of the Flood Angel® products we use are designed to provide cost effect ways to help your property resist flood water.


Our team of BPEC approved installers will fit the Flood Angel barriers and other products using factory trained methods.


There are government grants available of up to £5,000 from some local authorities.

We offer a complete package of flood mitigation services. We start at the beginning with a flood risk assessment.

One of our trained staff will visit your property to assess for potential areas where flood water could penetrate the building.

We will then offer a range of Flood Barriers – Flood Risk – Flood Defence measures to help mitigate flooding.

We supply and install the full range of flood products manufactured by Flood Barriers. Each product has been specifically designed to provide a cost effective way to mitigate your property from flooding.

Along with our recommendations will be provided a quotation for individual products. We will also advise you on the government grant scheme which may help to cover the cost of any or all recommended options.

Each product is installed to provide mitigation against a business or home flood. All of our operatives have been trained by the manufacturer and are BPEC approved.

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